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Every product starts with people

Meet the teams behind da Vinci 5

The Teams
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A single, human-centered design ethos drove the design of da Vinci 5, Intuitive's most advanced system to date. The Design team made thousands of sketches, and completed hundreds of prototypes and assessments to ensure a deeply complex design is seamless for surgeons.

Meet the team
User Experience Group

The inventive team members on the Multiport team are behind new features on the da Vinci 5 that will transform surgery. The engineering team designs real solutions that provide better outcomes by enhancing surgical senses.

Meet the team
Multiport Engineering Example

Our clinical development engineers (CDEs) are the bridge between surgeons and those who built da Vinci 5. The CDEs ensure that every innovation in da Vinci 5 is safe and effective and reflects the needs of those who matter most—the surgeons changing patients' lives.

Meet the team
Clinical Development Engineering Example Clinical Development Engineering Example Clinical Development Engineering Example
Regulatory & Quality Affairs Example Regulatory & Quality Affairs Example Regulatory & Quality Affairs Example

The Regulatory & Quality team worked with teams across Intuitive to ensure product safety and performance, clearing the way for regulatory approval. From initial designs through clinical trials, Regulatory & Quality was there, creating validation strategies, working with the FDA to ensure they got the information they needed, enabling regulatory compliance and final clearance.

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Clinical Affairs conducts objective, robust scientific research to generate evidence demonstrating that Intuitive's products are safe and effective. The team completed an unprecedented study securing clearance from FDA for the da Vinci 5.

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Clinical Affairs Group

Intuitive's Manufacturing team approaches every build with agility, tenacity, and a deep passion for bringing da Vinci 5 to life. From manufacturing engineers to trainers to technicians, the team designed and built new lines and learned new processes to meet every milestone along the way.

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Handling every system with expertise and care, the Packaging team always keeps the people opening the da Vinci 5 at hospitals around the world at the forefront of their work. The team worked with engineers to ensure the system could be efficiently and safely packaged and adapted quickly to create new solutions.

Meet the team
Packaging Group

When the Shipping team loads a da Vinci from the dock to the truck, they're very aware of where it's going: to hospitals eager to use Intuitive's latest technology to help patients. Behind each shipment is a team managing the complex logistics of supply chains, packaging, and tracking.

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iPhone Layout Example iPad Layout Example

The Customer Experience & Services team delivers exceptional customer experiences at every stage in the customer journey, enabling a seamless transition for customers to the latest technology. From system installation to customer training, to ongoing optimization support and robotics program administration, the team ensures hospitals benefit from every innovation da Vinci 5 offers.

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Service Group

Intuitive's Marketing team are the driven and collaborative messengers for how da Vinci 5 will transform surgery. In the lead up to launch, the Marketing team worked together to bring the customer value of da Vinci 5's every innovation to life.

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Marketing Group

Bringing da Vinci 5 to market was an immense collaborative effort. Empowered by leadership's trust, Sales team members learned the new technology well before launch, enabling them to strategize deeply about what it means for the customer and the patients whose lives they will change.

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Sales Group

Every interaction with our customers starts with our Commercial Learning team, which turns employees into experts on our complex and innovative products. This year, the team will train 300-500 people on the da Vinci 5 technology, enabling them to bring the future of surgery to market.

Commercial Learnings Equipment
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Commercial Learnings Group