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At Intuitive, we’re proving what’s possible

Take on endless challenges and innovate with purpose on a collaborative, inclusive team bringing brilliant ideas to life.

Who We Are

Together, we are proving what’s possible in minimally invasive care—and in our own careers. Find out how our leaders and team members describe what it's really like working at Intuitive. If you like what you hear, explore open roles today.

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At the center of innovative technology and healthcare

To prove what’s possible takes a continuous cycle of curiosity and tenacity, working together in a collaborative and inclusive environment to deliver outcomes that can only come from many minds and determined hearts. We’re energized by possibility and powered by people with an insatiable desire for what comes next.​
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Innovating with purpose

We do not seek out innovation purely for the sake of innovation—the driving force behind our "why" are the customers we serve and the unmet needs of the people they are caring for. A heartfelt desire to improve patient outcomes through ​state-of-the-art technology and to ensure our employees are forward-thinking experts in their fields make us stand out amongst our competitors. ​

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Energized by our challenges

With invention and innovation come many challenges, but Intuitive employees are energized by our work, dedicated and adaptable, ​and always willing to flex with our mission in mind. You’ll feel excited by the important work in front of you and deeply engaged by the opportunity to tangibly impact patient outcomes.​

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Fostering inclusion and collaboration

With significant work to do and no time for egos, Intuitive fosters a culture of inclusion and collaboration. This shouldn’t ​be surprising; to be a pioneer in a leading-edge industry and create products that affect millions of people requires many different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives working together to reach the greatest possible outcome. 

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Changing lives changes yours

We work hard toward our vision of a future of care that is less invasive and profoundly better. Every goal ties back to the effect we can have for care providers and patients, helping to deliver a shorter recovery time that gives them more time for what’s important.


We are proud of our work

Our achievements have been recognized and celebrated around the world.

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