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Three Intuitive leaders on driving global growth in India

Amit Garg Anuj Mittal Keith Lavery

There’s a lot of hiring going on right now at Intuitive’s Bengaluru location—and this is just the beginning. We asked Amit Garg (Business Leader, Global Capability Center), Keith Lavery (Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics), and Anuj Mittal (Senior Director, Finance and Sales Operations) to share how they’re carrying Intuitive’s company culture across time zones, and how their rapid growth is creating new opportunities for their colleagues in Bengaluru and all over the world. 

Tell us about the culture you’re building at Intuitive India. 

Amit: One of the reasons I relocated from our Sunnyvale headquarters to Bengaluru was to make sure the Intuitive culture is embedded as we grow the team here in India. I have a set of guiding principles for the team in India, which is informed by Intuitive’s company values—there are several principles, but the top three we focus on are integrity and ethics; transparency, because we want people to be open about mistakes; and flexibility, in part because we’re collaborating across time zones and languages. 

Anuj: Yes; collaboration is essential to our success. Within the IT and Enterprise Analytics teams, for example, we’re working as one team with colleagues outside Bengaluru. And the things we produce will ultimately be used by people beyond our teams, to better understand our business needs and enhance the value to patients. That’s the common goal that drives everything we do. Even the finance team is thinking about patients—for example, how can we reduce economic barriers for our customers so more people can access da Vinci technology. As part of our cultural training, every employee gets the opportunity to sit at a da Vinci system so they can understand firsthand how our products help patients. 

Something else that’s integral to our culture is humility. Everyone is treated the same. We are all equal, and everyone has a voice. 

Keith: I see our company values, like “Small Teams Win,” showing through on a day-to-day basis, in general and in the team in Bengaluru. It’s also a very pragmatic engineering culture. We don’t prioritize long-term plans over short-term goals. We make progress every week. 

What are the opportunities for growth? 

Anuj: I think the first few years were about building capability within our commercial teams, and now we’re entering this exciting new phase of leveraging India beyond commercial. We’re adding new roles not only in IT and enterprise analytics, but policy advocacy, public relations, and many more. And that has expanded our opportunities for new hires and internal promotions alike. 

Ultimately, the best way to grow our people is to grow our business, and our business has grown many fold over the past few years as the market caught on to the value of robotics and surgeons started to become our best advocates. But there is still a massive untapped opportunity in India in terms of the procedures not yet done robotically. So we need new leaders in India who can continue to execute on that opportunity, and then lead the growing teams it will require. 

Amit: Exactly—as well as we’ve done commercially over the last two years, and as much as we’ve grown, we’re still just scratching the surface. And in addition to new roles, we’ve also expanded our current roles to include more capabilities. Setting up the Global Capability Center, for example, adds complexity to our legal entity, and the scope has expanded for everyone on my team. Someone working on financial planning and analysis might shift to controllership or accounting. There are continuous opportunities to develop professionally. 

Keith: And we’ll continue to add that headroom to roles as the Bengaluru location grows. We’re hiring for about 80 roles in IT and Enterprise Analytics this year, along with 50 in other departments, and we plan to continue that next year. It’s also important to mention that while we do need leaders to support that growth, becoming a manager isn’t your only way to advance. There are also so many opportunities to train on new technologies and develop new skills.  

Why is this location important to Intuitive’s overall growth and mission? 

Anuj: I think the success of this initiative will drive further investments in India—and given the talent here Bengaluru can ultimately become a major hub for innovation at Intuitive. I can see us expanding beyond IT and enterprise analytics to new and emerging technologies like AI and others. 

Keith: Yes, as we launch more centers for data and analytics, we want to create pods of innovation around the world. With the skill sets we can attract in Bengaluru, we’ll have the opportunity to focus teams on new and emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning. The people here will definitely be part of moving Intuitive forward. 

Amit: As the Global Capability Center grows larger, I can see it becoming a center of excellence in certain areas and play a strategic role at the leadership level. As a global company, Intuitive has placed a lot of emphasis on this location and the talent here. So many companies have looked at India as a low-cost hub, but at Intuitive we prefer to think of it as a high-value hub. We have an incredible opportunity not just as a market, but as a driver of global growth. 


Learn more about Intuitive in Bengaluru, and if you’re ready to take on a challenging and meaningful career, search our open roles.

Amit Garg

Amit is leading the effort to build the Global Capability Center, having joined Intuitive in 2019.

Anuj Mittal

Anuj joined Intuitive India in 2021 and is growing the Commercial team across India as senior director, Finance and Sales Operations.

Keith Lavery

Since joining Intuitive in 2016, Keith has pioneered the company's inaugural data platform. His current focus on expanding our global Data and AI capabilities promises to significantly enhance organizational efficiency.

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