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Get to Know Intuitive, On YouTube

Thomas Tiernan

You’ve heard about Intuitive—so you might already know we’re a global leader in minimally invasive care and a pioneer of robotic surgery. Now it’s time for a closer look at what it can mean to help make a real difference at Intuitive. 

Below, we’ve highlighted a handful of videos from our YouTube channel that help show who we are. You’ll find stories of intelligence, inspiration, and innovation, all of which you’ll discover in the people you work with—and in yourself.

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By the Numbers 

Our da Vinci systems have been used in over 10 million surgical procedures, and that’s not all. From the amount of inventions patented to scientific articles written to face shields donated, these numbers represent the many ways Intuitive’s systems navigate the complexity of the human body. They also show the scale of how our teams help hospitals and physicians deliver on the goal of the best patient outcomes possible.

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Engineering Intuition

“Once you’ve taken these big, imprecise hands of ours, and scaled them down, and put them inside the patient, we can suddenly achieve this level of precision that simply isn’t possible for the human body alone to do,” Vice President of Product Management Jonathan Conta explains. But how does Intuitive technology translate a physician’s skilled gestures into the precision of robotic movements? Conta describes our innovations.

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The Future is Intuitive

At Intuitive, we envision a future where care is more connected, customized, and intelligent, so the question won’t just be how long we live, but how well

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The Race to Catch Lung Cancer

Lung cancer kills more people than colon, breast, and pancreatic cancers combined. One way to diagnose it is through a biopsy, which can be very hard on patients’ bodies: Biopsy may include invasive or surgical options. Intuitive’s Ion Endoluminal System enables physicians to perform biopsies through a minimally invasive approach. With Ion, surgeons use a flexible catheter with a camera to navigate to the biopsy site easily. Ion was designed to support finding answers faster along a less invasive path to diagnosis.

At Intuitive, you can grow, innovate, and make a difference. Everyone on our team shares in the pride and satisfaction of the work while still seeking to learn from all, copying no one, and challenging the status quo. We believe minimally invasive care is life-enhancing care. Through ingenuity and intelligent technology, we expand the potential of physicians to heal without constraints. You can expand your potential, too.

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Thomas Tiernan

Thomas Tiernan, Recruitment Marketing Lead, has been at Intuitive for 2 years supporting Global Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing efforts throughout the company.

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At Intuitive, we work together to advance minimally invasive care and strive to achieve meaningful progress daily with small teams of outstanding people. Innovation is essential to our success.

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