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Five Intuitive benefits that help employees thrive

Melanie Nasso

At Intuitive, we see ourselves as partners in employees’ wellbeing. When people are taken care of, they lead fulfilling lives and meaningful careers—and they can focus on the work that helps doctors change lives around the world.

We’ve carefully cultivated a robust, inclusive benefits program. And as a health and wellbeing manager at Intuitive, I love that my job is to make sure employees take advantage of them. Whether you’re a young person early in your career, growing your family, caring for a relative, or looking toward retirement, we design our benefits to help support you along life’s journey. As you consider joining Intuitive, I want to tell you about five benefits that help our team thrive.

Accolade: Your trusted healthcare navigator 

At the center of our health insurance plan is Accolade, our healthcare navigator. Think of them as your trusted advisor through the healthcare system, which can be overwhelming, confusing, and scary when you are ill or navigating a new diagnosis.

Individuals enrolled in one of our Blue Shield plans can contact Accolade, and a trusted health assistant helps you with routine benefits questions such as getting a new ID card or finding a primary care physician—or with more complicated scenarios like getting a second opinion. Plus, they have access and insight into all the different programs we offer. For example, you could be talking to a health assistant, and share you have a family member who received a recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis. They would proactively inform you about Cariloop, one of our vendor partners that supports finding adult care.

Mental health support with Lyra  

When I started at Intuitive, I was still grieving the unexpected loss of my mother. To help get me through it, I used our mental health provider, Lyra. Unlike the employee assistance programs you might be used to, Lyra is unique because they have their own dedicated network of mental health providers, offering a streamlined and personalized approach to therapy. When you create an account on Lyra, you answer questions to help figure out your therapy needs, and within just five minutes, you can book an appointment. Lyra considers preferences like gender, culture, and LGBTQ+ inclusivity to match you with therapists who meet your specific requirements. And because the platform is so efficient and they have provider availability, you can typically see a therapist within a day or so. It’s a significant contrast to the often-challenging process of finding a therapist independently.

Fertility services, maternity & post-partum Support, and parental leave 

Depending on your needs, we offer a couple of different benefit options to help you grow your family. The first is Progyny, which helps you navigate your fertility journey with a range of services including in-vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing, and surrogacy support. Their services include access to a network of top fertility clinics and specialists, personalized care coordination, and cost-effective options, ensuring that you receive the support you need.

We’ve also partnered with Maven, which gives comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum support to our employees and their dependents. Maven connects you to a network of expert healthcare providers, including OB-GYNs and lactation consultants. Their platform helps users navigate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth, including access to a birth doula.

Maven is also there for you for the first year postpartum. They can serve up a sleep coach to help your baby get on a sleep schedule, for example. One of my favorite features is the career coaches they provide. I remember when my first child was born, my priorities totally changed. I really struggled with how to balance the importance of my new role as a mother with how important my career was to me, and a career coach would’ve help me during that transition. I’m so glad we can offer this benefit because it helps address the many challenges a growing family faces.

We also believe it’s essential to offer time off for all new parents so they can spend precious time with their new little ones. Whether you have a child naturally, adopt, or you’re adding a new bundle of joy through surrogacy, employees are eligible for eight weeks of paid leave.

Our parental leave is flexible, so you have the choice to take it at any point within the first year. This is fantastic because, depending on what your partner’s employer offers, you can make the best decision for your family and your new child’s needs.

Time away & giving back 

Our flexible vacation time policy for salaried employees allows you to take the time you need to rest and recharge. It’s so nice to be able to work with my manager to take time to spend with my family, volunteer, take a vacation, or have a long weekend after getting a big project across the line—all without having to worry about having the time in a PTO bank.  This flexible vacation policy helps a new employee like me feel equal among my team because I can take time when I need it.

Our hourly employees will still accrue vacation time, but we also have an added bucket of allotted time for volunteering. We know that giving back is important to a lot of our employees and this allows hourly employees to do so without taking a day out of their accrued PTO bank.

Financial wellbeing  

We know that protecting your finances and saving for the future are vitally important, and our financial wellbeing benefits aim to give the security you and your family need. As part of that security, Intuitive offers life insurance and disability insurance at no cost to you. We also offer a 401k program through Empower, as well as an employee stock purchase plan, which lets you set money aside to buy Intuitive stocks at a discount—and to share in Intuitive’s success.

At Intuitive, our benefits are designed to meet employees wherever they are in their lives—and to give the support they need to have the health and peace of mind that helps them thrive at work and at home. You can learn more about our extensive benefits here, and when you’re ready to find the role at Intuitive that will challenge and fulfill you, start here.

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Melanie Nasso

Melanie joined Intuitive in 2022 and serves as a health and wellbeing ecosystem manager.