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Anthony Young

Anthony Young is a talent management specialist who helps lead our new employee orientations.

Brian Miller

Brian Miller has been with Intuitive for 20 years and serves as our Chief Digital Officer.

Charlie Dean

Charlie Dean, VP and GM, leads the Endoluminal business unit at Intuitive. Charlie and his team are focused on enabling lung cancer detection.

Chhun Ly

Chhun Ly, Full Quality Inspection Supervisor for the da Vinci Surgical System, inspects and tests the system and runs simulated surgery procedures.

Chris Carlson

For Multiport division SVP and GM Chris Carlson, an early desire to “create new things” paved the way to advancing a robotic surgery system that’s enabling surgeons to impact patients’ lives.

Iman Jeddi

Iman Jeddi, GM and SVP Single Port, leads one of our three business units, helping reimagine what robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery can be.


Priti Sahu (Senior Talent Sourcer, TA, and InPAC Co-chair), Peter Geng (Mechanical Engineer and InPAC founder), and Neeta Mhatre (VP, China Strategy & Operations and InPAC Executive Sponsor)

Joe Han

Joe Han is an industrial designer focused on the human interaction with physical products. He helps define the user workflow for a surgical team—mapping their journey, learning their habits, identifying pain points, and designing different forms to try to make their lives easier.

Katie Juran

Katie Juran joined Intuitive in August 2021 to lead our inclusion and diversity (I&D) initiatives, following a long career in executive communications and I&D leadership at Adobe and elsewhere. She’ll be a regular contributor in this space to talk all things I&D.

Michele DiMartino

Michele DiMartino, SVP Chief Human Resources Officer, joined Intuitive in January 2022 following stints at some of the world’s top companies, including Disney and Marriott.

Neeta Mhatre

Neeta Mhatre serves as the Vice President of China Operations and Strategy at Intuitive, playing an essential role in managing the company’s future.

Thomas Tiernan

Thomas Tiernan, Recruitment Marketing Lead, has been at Intuitive for 2 years supporting Global Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing efforts throughout the company.

Wayne Johnson

After leaving the United States Army, Wayne Johnson (da Vinci Clinical Sales Manager) wasn’t sure he wanted to go back to work as nothing seemed like the right fit—until he heard about Intuitive.

Mike Curran

Mike Curran is a Human Factors engineer. His team’s job is to understand what surgeons and their patients go through and make Intuitive’s products as user-friendly, effective, and safe as possible.

Tim Haines

Tim Haines is a senior mechanical engineer helping to design the next generation of Intuitive’s robotic surgery platform.

Myles Iribarne

Myles Iribarne is a senior robotics controls engineer helping to design the next generation of Intuitive’s robotic surgery platform.

Ric Gorospe

Ric Gorospe is a director in Consumables Manufacturing and has worked at Intuitive for more than two decades.

Hiba Lejmi, M.D.

Hiba Lejmi, M.D. joined Intuitive in November 2018. As an advanced clinical research manager, Hiba leads Clinical Strategy for future therapies where Intuitive can make an impact.  

Kathryn Rieger

Kathryn Rieger has been studying usability and human factors for over two decades. Now, she brings her expertise and compassion to the world of minimally invasive care, driving innovation in a field that helps save lives. 

Araba Simpson

Araba Simpson joined Intuitive in 2017, building on more than two decades of brand and design experience in New York City. As Design Director, Araba has played a central role in developing Intuitive’s visual brand language, and most recently led the design of our employee resource group (ERG) visual identities. She is also a founding member of the BLACK at Intuitive ERG.

Brianna Alvarado

Clinical Sales Associate Brianna Alvarado left the Rio Grande Valley to start her career—but she always planned to go back. Intuitive has given her the chance to do just that, as she applies the experience she’s gained in the field to make an impact closer to home.

Manny Alfaro

Manny started with us more than 17 years ago as a field service engineer and then transitioned to Technical Support. "Working with Technical Support for over a decade, I had the privilege of handling thousands of critical intra-operative customer calls. Now I do regulatory post-market analysis. When someone contacts us to report an issue, I provide a structured technical review of that concern."

Sam Balsubramani

Sam works in patient education marketing. "Our team’s goal is to educate patients at the right time and place in their healthcare journey, so that they can make informed decisions about their care."

Emily Sands

Emily has been with the Global Public Affairs team for more than five years. "I focus on government affairs and government relations, which means I design messaging for policy positions and meet with policymakers to help them understand Intuitive."

Cyntia Ferrarese

Spanish Translator Cynthia Ferrarese joined Intuitive in 2013.

The I&D team

Our I&D team spearheads Intuitive’s efforts on behalf of the business and is a growing, energetic group who themselves model the principles of I&D at Intuitive.

Melanie Nasso

Melanie joined Intuitive in 2022 and serves as a health and wellbeing ecosystem manager.

Sahar Ibarra

Close to a decade ago, Sahar Ibarra joined Intuitive as a failure analysis technician—while in grad school for management at night. Now, she’s a senior manager on our Manufacturing Operations team, helping others find their best.

Hadia Edwards

Hear from Hadia Edwards on why her colleagues have shaped her Intuitive experience so far, including in the BLACK Employee Resource Group.

Jenish Smart

Jenish Smart joined Intuitive in 2021 and is a senior manufacturing engineer.

Venkata Mahesh Komati

Manufacturing Engineer Venkata Mahesh Komati joined Intuitive in 2022.

Dirk Barten

Dirk Barten joined Intuitive in 2016 for a new role with a familiar team—he had spent the previous 14 years working closely with Intuitive partners to develop our visualization technology. Today, Dirk leads the Europe Commercial and Marketing team.

Soyal Mahmud

Soyal Mahmud joined Intuitive in 2012 and is a clinical sales director.

Harald Haigis

Intuitive wasn’t new to VP EMEA Operations and General Manager Harald Haigis when he joined in 2019—he’d been working closely with our team as a vendor for nearly two decades. In the years since, he’s helped build a fast-growing team to design and produce the micro lenses and other optical equipment that form the “eye” of our robotic surgery systems.

Amit Garg

Amit is leading the effort to build the Global Capability Center, having joined Intuitive in 2019.

Anuj Mittal

Anuj joined Intuitive India in 2021 and is growing the Commercial team across India as senior director, Finance and Sales Operations.

Keith Lavery

Since joining Intuitive in 2016, Keith has pioneered the company's inaugural data platform. His current focus on expanding our global Data and AI capabilities promises to significantly enhance organizational efficiency.

Arne Metzner

Arne joined Intuitive in 2016 and is a manager in Manufacturing based in Biebertal, Germany.

Alexander Horch

Alex is a senior supervisor in Manufacturing based in Biebertal, Germany. He joined Intuitive in 2016.