Inclusion and Diversity at Intuitive

Empowering our employees and customers from every background to fully contribute toward our shared mission.

Our inclusion and diversity mission is to build an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment where every individual can belong and flourish, in our company and the communities we serve. 

We believe that everyone should feel included and fairly treated, and we embrace the unique qualities that make people who they are. That includes all genders and gender identities, races, ethnicities, ages, national origins, disabilities, sexual orientations, body sizes, genetic characteristics, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and family structures. By seeking the different, we can propel innovation and creativity forward. 

To see our diverse employees in action, watch our latest video here. Please also see Intuitive's EEO Policy at the bottom of our main careers site.

Our four-part I&D strategy

Diverse workforce 
Increase leader and employee representation to fuel innovation and better reflect our customers and their patients through diverse talent sourcing, strengthening our hiring process rigor and training, and thoughtful succession and talent planning. 
Inclusive experience
Help employees from all backgrounds feel welcome, supported, and valued. This includes our employee resource groups (ERGs) for underrepresented identities, inclusion training and education, leader support, and areas such as facilities and benefits.
Fair Practices
Openly share progress and continuously improve our people practices in areas such as representation, pay, equity, and promotions. 
Industry Engagement
Engage with our customers and their patients, our employees, communities, suppliers, and other stakeholders to drive positive change.

Our volunteer-led employee resource groups (ERGs) build community and support for employees from traditionally marginalized groups. ERGs host events to cultivate an inclusive culture, provide education and awareness, and support the recruitment and retention of employees from diverse backgrounds.

Brave Leaders & allies for the Advancement of Community through Knowledge (BLACK)
BLACK at Intuitive is committed to the recruitment, development, and professional advancement of Black employees across Intuitive globally. With the spotlight turned on racial injustice this year, BLACK at Intuitive members have been actively serving as connectors and bridge-builders, bringing passionate people together and helping all to find the commonality across our diversity. 
Diverse-Abilities (D-A) is dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities are represented and valued at Intuitive. Acting from the belief that all individuals should be empowered to achieve high levels of success, the D-A team's efforts help to shape the company's culture. 
Hispanic Origins & Latino Advocacy (¡HOLA!)
¡HOLA! stands for Hispanic Origins & Latino Advocacy.  Their mission is to create opportunities to illuminate shared stories and experiences that bring the Hispanic/Latino community together.  They are focused on elevating the ¡HOLA! community at Intuitive through recruitment, development, mentoring, and networking.
Intuitive Pan-Asian Community (InPAC)
Intuitive Pan-Asian Community (InPAC) is a place for employees across cultures to connect, find support, build community, share cultural celebrations, and advance professional development. The group supports Intuitive's work, employees, and culture by helping its members realize their full potential, developing future leaders, and sharing InPac members' cultural heritages with fellow employees. 
PRIDE at Intuitive
PRIDE is an inclusive community of LGBTQ+ employees, family members, and allies that fosters visibility and connection, raises awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, enables advocates, provides support for those who need it, and helps create an environment where employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. 
Veterans Engaged for Teamwork and Support (VETS)
Veterans Engaged for Teamwork and Support (VETS) support veterans across the company, honoring those who defend, serve, and inspire our mission while providing connection, camaraderie, and opportunities to give back to the larger community. 
Women Intuitive Network (WIN)
Women Intuitive Network (WIN) includes four function-specific subgroups: Women in Finance (WIFI), Women in Technology (WITY), Women in Information Technology (WIT), and Women Innovation Service Excellence (WISE). These groups work to foster an environment where all can grow and thrive at Intuitive, with each group focused on hiring, development, retention, and advancement of women in their various spheres of influence. 

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Brave Leaders & allies for the Advancement of Community through Knowledge (BLACK) "BLACK at Intuitive has expanded my community at Intuitive and has given me a sense of belonging with others who have shared similar life and work experiences."
Jezelle Sr. HR Business Partner
Diverse-Abilities "Roughly 1 in 4 people in the US are impacted by an apparent or non-apparent disability. The Diverse-Abilities Team is proud to promote an inclusive workplace where all people are empowered and contribute to Intuitive's culture and mission."
Matt  Senior Manager
Intuitive Pan-Asian Community (InPAC) "InPAC is about building a sense of human belonging. We want people to share their history, their strengths, their vulnerabilities, and then give people the confidence to be great as who they truly are."
Peter  Mechanical Engineer
PRIDE at Intuitive "Everyone should feel comfortable and safe being themselves. If something we do as an ERG helps an employee or an employee's loved one feel included and safe being themselves, then we have done our job."
Seana  Vice President, Business Architecture
Veterans Engaged for Teamwork and Support (VETS)​​​​​​​
"Military service, at the core, is about serving others. In Special Forces, our training and mission are focused on partnering with diverse populations towards a common goal. By focusing on Intuitive’s mission of Patients First, Always, I am proud to serve on another elite team!"
Bruce  da Vinci Senior Clinical Sales Rep
Women of Intuitive Network (WIN) "We are on a mission to ensure we not only bring more women into the company and keep them here. We strive to create a forum where we can talk about these things openly and honestly."
Andrea  Clinical Sales Director