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MRB Coordinator

Company Description

Descripción de la empresa

En Intuitive, estamos unidos detrás de nuestra misión: creemos que la atención mínimamente invasiva es la atención que mejora la vida. Mediante la inventiva y la tecnología inteligente, ampliamos el potencial de los médicos para curar sin limitaciones.

Como pioneros y líderes del mercado en cirugía robótica, nos esforzamos por fomentar un equipo inclusivo y diverso, comprometido con marcar la diferencia. Durante más de 25 años, hemos trabajado con hospitales y equipos de atención de todo el mundo para ayudar a resolver algunos de los desafíos más difíciles de la atención médica y avanzar en lo que es posible.

Intuitive se ha construido gracias a los esfuerzos de grandes personas de diversos orígenes. Creemos que las grandes ideas pueden provenir de cualquier lugar: nos esforzamos por fomentar una cultura inclusiva basada en la diversidad de pensamientos y en el respeto mutuo. Lideramos con inclusión y capacitamos a los miembros de nuestro equipo para que trabajen de la mejor manera y manifiesten su auténtica personalidad.

Las personas apasionadas que quieren marcar la diferencia impulsan nuestra cultura: los miembros de nuestro equipo se basan en la integridad, tienen una sólida capacidad para aprender, la energía para hacer las cosas, y aportan experiencias diversas del mundo real para ayudarnos a pensar de nuevas maneras. Invertimos activamente en los miembros de nuestro equipo para apoyar su crecimiento a largo plazo y así poder continuar avanzando en nuestra misión y alcanzar su máximo potencial.

Únase a un equipo comprometido a dar grandes pasos hacia delante para una comunidad global de profesionales de atención médica y sus pacientes. Juntos, avancemos en el mundo de la atención mínimamente invasiva.

Job Description

Primary Function of Position:

To monitor and control the flux of raw material rejected through each Quality Notification for Non-Conformant Material (Variance Request, VR) generated in the Mexicali plants, according to the established procedures (DOP’s, SOP’s, WI’s).  To avoid mixing of rejected material with proper containment and identification. To prepare defective material for return to vendor, to scrap or to reintegrate it to stock if Engineering Analysis determines it so, executing the required tasks per the disposition of the VR, ensuring stock levels are accurate and maintaining traceability of the material in every step of the process.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To wear Personal Protection Equipment
  • To participate in Emergency Brigades and the Safety and Hygiene Commission when required.
  • To use devices, accessories, tooling, and equipment according to process, verifying that they are in good conditions for use and reporting for repair those in bad condition.
  • To communicate unsafe acts or conditions to their Higher-Ups
  • To participate in the Safety and Hygiene courses that the company establishes.
  • To create Quality Notifications (VR’s) when required.
  • To verify that the non-conforming raw material that is delivered to the physical quarantine area (MRB) is correctly identified with a VR copy and labeled with the corresponding MSL, ensuring the quantities reflected are accurate.
  • To contain non-conforming raw material in the physical quarantine area (MRB) once a Quality Notification (VR) has been created and identifies the material as such.
  • To perform the electronic containment of non-conforming material into quarantine electronic location in order to remove it from WIP or Warehouse locations.
  • To monitor the correct completion of tasks in Quality Notifications (VR’s) ensuring that the information presented is accurate and in compliance with our approved procedures.
  • To request corrections in documentation of Quality Notifications (VR’s) when required.
  • To execute the instructions documented in Quality Notifications (VR’s) as required.
  • To coordinate the delivery of samples of the defects to the interested parties involved in disposition of material (ME, SE, Vendor) as required.
  •  To process RMA # from Vendors when the material is to be returned to their facilities and create either Credit or Rework Purchase orders as required by disposition of the material.
  • To coordinate and execute Stock Purges when required after Engineering Analysis.
  • To take the trainings assigned to their curricula in ISU (Intuitive Surgical University)
  • To make auto evaluations on their performance for the MERIT process.
  • To comply with the Organization’s Policies, Rules, and Code of Conduct.
  • To daily interact with different departments to provide status for tasks pending completion and open VR’s and in order to achieve closure in a timely manner.
  • To deliver material to be inspected to the Sorting Personnel, according to established procedures, ensuring accuracy in inventory and traceability of the material at all times. To receive the inspected material from the Sorting Personnel and verify that the results and quantities being reported are correct. To scrap non-conforming material, both physically and electronically, if dispositioned as such by Engineering.
  • To perform material transferences going to/from other electronic quarantine locations between different ISI plants.
  • To release to warehouse the material that has been dispositioned and approved as Conforming at the end of the investigation documented in its Quality Notification (VR), ensuring its traceability and accuracy in inventory levels.
  • Conduct MRB Cycle Counts as needed, lead the department’s Physical Inventories.
  • To participate in meetings and provide their input to contribute with ideas for solution of problems as required.
  • To provide support in continuous improvement events (such as kaizens) when required.

Additional Information

Intuitive es un empleador que brinda igualdad de oportunidades de empleo. Proporcionamos igualdad de oportunidades de empleo a todos los solicitantes y empleados cualificados, y prohibimos cualquier tipo de discriminación y acoso, independientemente de su raza, sexo, condición de embarazo, orientación sexual, identidad de género, origen nacional, color, edad, religión, condición de veterano protegido o de discapacidad, información genética o cualquier otra condición protegida por las leyes federales, estatales o locales aplicables.

Shift: Graveyard
Travel: None

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